Sunday, 20 March 2011

Nature Reserve Cycling Track

An area of about roughly 18 hectares consisting mostly of Kerangas (a type of tropical moist forest found on the island of Borneo), it is one of the very few areas of virgin forest still intact within the outskirts of the Kuching city urban core. It is managed by the Sarawak Forest Department. Located within the suburb of Tabuan Jaya, The Sama Jaya Forest Park emphasizes a very strong wilderness theme where all facilities and activities are integrated into the existing natural forest environment. The cycling track itself weaves around trees and under the cover of canopies providing cyclist a safe, peaceful and scenic ride. If you listen you can hear monkeys crashing through the tree branches as they played and search for food. The chorus of cicadas completes the auditory symphony.   

The Hiroshima-Sarawak friendship garden is another unique attraction at the park. This traditional Japanese garden, complete with a teahouse is developed collaboratively with the forest department of Hiroshima Prefecture and the Hiroshima Landscape Archictecture Association of Japan to symbolize the close friendship between the peoples of the two states.

Getting or cycling there is easy as it is less than an hour's cycling from Kuching and since the park are open at 0630am, you can have an early start with the cool misty morning air caressing and beckoning you onwards. You can visit Borneo Bicycle Hire the evening before, and hire and bring the cycles along with you without any additional charges. 

Sama Jaya Forest Park

Gunung Mulu National Park

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